Why don't more women wear tights/leggings with dresses?

This look works for almost every woman regardless of their weight. It fill in skinny legs to make them more shapely, and minimizes the fat on the legs for the less perfect bodies..only the really big women can't look attractive with
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  • I know, I agree.Unfortunately, right now, the bare look happens to be "In". Take comfort sweetie, asI do happen to be one of those gals that always wears, and enjoys wearing, some type of top shelf sheer hosiery, wether it's tights,pantyhose,or nylon stockings. There aren't a whole lot of us,these days, but I'm not alone, so don't give up hope.Trends always come and go.

  • They look nice I have to say but sometimes I just wanna show off my legs, it is a natural part of my body that I don't feel should be covered up sometimes, I have pants for that -.-

  • i don't wear dresses without them. bare legs make me feel like a prostitute,i mean I don't have anything against bare legs on other girls,or prostitutes for that matter,but I don't feel comfortable without them.

  • They itch like hell. I never touched them again.

    Plus, some color leggings don't go to well with the dresses.

  • I like wearing them. But contrary to what you said, I think only girls who are in shape should wear them.

    Oh and by the way, I gave this question a rating of "Miserable" lol

    • I gave you a down arrow for your miserable answer. Although actually I agree with you pretty much..still, a girl who's just a little out of shape has her figure enhanced by them actuallly.

  • I like sheer tights or patterned tights. I would never wear opaque leggings with a dress though. That looks stupid, I know its popular in China but I saw A LOT of butt ugly/questionable fashion trends when I went there. Does not mean I will wear it

    • I do't see many ugly girls here. And I am always looking.

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    • Are you sure you're actually 31 and not some 12 year old trolling on moms computer? Go to bed

    • "Twat"...another girl...called you a "Twat" ?

  • I always feel like the leggings/tights box my outfit in too much. I'd rather show off my legs and have the attention on my dress more.

    • Leggings are good for grabbing attention! Guys will notice the rest of your clothes more.

    • Ehhh maybe, but I go for more of what grabs my attention instead of guys lol.

    • Most guys don't have very good fashion sense, either. :p

  • I wear dresses/skirts with tights all the time in the fall/winter/spring (whenever it's too cold to go bare-legged, basically). *I* think it looks good. And I love tights, lots of different opacities/textures/colors! The favorite pair I have is sheer black with little hearts on them. :D

    I think people look sort of ridiculous wearing skirts/dresses without something underneath when it's cold out.

  • Sometimes they itch. I'm a fan of them, except when it's hot. Also, they aren't cheap, being that they tear really easily.

  • it looks silly on adult women. that's something I see young girls and teenagers wear

    • Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.

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    • Theyre also 'fill out' clothes, as if you'd know about that.

    • "Wimmins" ? What the hell is "Wimmins" ?

      What the Hell did Jessie Jackson say ? Yessssssssssssssssss SIRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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  • Nag, nag...ALRIGHT ALREADY! I gave you 5 stars..want me to message all of my friends too? O:O..but..I agree with you...only thing that is hotter is bare legs..but I see that some are saying they itch? That would not be good.../:

    • Obviously some people gave this a 1, can't understand why

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    • He is a bit of a nag about it isn't he? If people don't want to do it they just won't sorry QA

    • LOL! Alright you 2...get off of my Answer! Why don't you chat with me instead...(:(:(:(:

  • I love women. They're so delicious, irrespective of what they wear.

  • Tights are sick .the girl will look attractive when she's wearing them .thts hot

  • For most women, I would much rather see bare legs.

  • I agree, most every woman looks alluring in them


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