How to dye my hair...?

Im Dying my hair a Purple or Blue color or both How Long should I keep bleach in my hair to make it white Because I don't want to show any of my original hair color which I dark brown and my underneth is black I don't know how it became black but it did I have Never Dyed my hair before.


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  • If your hair is that dark I can guarantee it's not going to turn white, or super blond even the first time you bleach it. And I don't recommend bleaching it twice in one setting. But the purple will still show through. My hair is dark brown and I usually just leave it in until it's the color I want, or at least light enough to show my pink bright enough, but I don't EVER leave it in longer than an hour or an hour and a half. Even then that's kind of long to have it in. But purple and blue are dark colors, so you don't need to have super light hair to make the color pop. =)


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