Do "pretty boys" annoy anyone else?

I hate how attractive guys think they can get you to do anything (not even sexually) just because they are hot. I was at work yesterday and selling something to an attractive guy, and I asked him if he wanted the acessory to go with it, and he was like "depends, will you give it to me for free?" and he gave me a seductive look(also he was buying the thing for a girl.) I dunno, similar situations happen so much it just buggs me.


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  • You really shouldn't let this type of thing annoy you.

    This isn't just attractive people that do this, but the unattractive also.

    Its not the fact that they're attractive, but rather their understanding that they have something to offer, and its because you're of the opposite sex.

    I don't just consider myself the most attractive guy in the world, but I know I'm not ugly.

    So when situations arise, I tend to do the same.

    Its really flirting. So take some credit for them flirting.

    I'd have to want some part of the deal. Whether its you as the female, or what ever you happen to be selling. You have to have confidence to do it, but I would say that only attractive people do it. Just have high confidence.

    I agree that mostly attractive people have confidence, and would most likely be the ones in these situations, but blame that on ourselves for making them feel so attractive and confident.

    Just remember to put some restriction on what you let go of because of their attractiviness.

    I know what your thinking though...

    Like..., you think you deserve to get more than what you paid for, just because your attractive.

    & some people I "knew/know" would actually tell you "Yes".

    I hope that helped.


    A Loving Black Man


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  • lol, this isn't that big of a deal. I'm a sales associate and I get customers all the time who are just like "I'll take it, if it's free."

    Its really just their way of makign the selling process personal with you. This way the ice is kind of broken and friendly conversation just works out.

    Whenever I buy stuff and people ask me about the extras that they come with , I usually come up with something witty just to get the sales guy to laugh and have something to be happy about during their boring day as a sales person.

    Its no big deal.


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  • he is probably used to girls losing their minds just because he's cute. it don't really annoy me I think its funny especially when that little plan doesn't work!