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Say you dump a girl and it was do to getting with another girl for sex. Everyone knows the girl your sleeping with's history, in other words everyone knows they are ganna get some.You still felt something for the first girl you dumped,but you knew she had a lot of respect for herself (no sex).Lets say she got good looking,lost weight,sitll had her curves,and just looked better then ever.Would you consider trying to talk to her again?because she just looks great this time around.Oh and the girl your sleeping with really has nothing but a big nose.



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  • ... I really don't know what to answer about the "say" part. Obviously this question holds a lot more meaning to you, and very descriptive at that.

    I'll answer shortly. Forget about him. He isn't worth it now, and he wasn't worth it back then. Why on earth would you consider him either way? Think of that awful hole he's been sticking his private into, and realize your worth far more.


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  • haha.. you sound a little pissed. I don't think I would ever go back to an ex unless things have changed regardless of how she looks now. I understand you being upset if that is the reason he broke up with you. I will say though sexual differences can cause a lot of issues in a relationship and it is probably best that you got away from him now.

    Side note: You may want to rethink implying people who have sex don't have respect for themselves. Obviously it is your point of view but I am sure there are a lot of people out there that would disagree.

    • Oh good point, yeah I really did get kinda carried away with it.It just makes me mad that he just wanted that when everything was fine.

  • lol if he likes you he'll come

  • yous sound really annoyed .nothing but a big nose lol


    hmmm I think he might consider it but if he doesn't I'm sure with your new look other guys will and that will make him jelous and sorry he dumped you

    good luck hope I helped

    • Lol its true I'm not trying to be mean,that girl does only have a nose,no butt ,no boobs nothing lol thanks you did help.

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