Dress shirt lost its crease on the collar.. fixable?

So I have a dress shirt that the collar has lost its shape somewhat after a few washes. The collar used to have a sharp edged crease which now looks pretty bad. Is this fixable? I don't have an iron but I was thinking of heating up a pot and using the bottom to try to make the crease again... Also I remember hearing something about using starch ..
alright I get the iron thing.. gonna check a thrift store since ill prob hardly use it. another question, how about starch? don't you use starch in dress shirts too?


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  • Either get an iron, or get the shirt cleaned somewhere that presses it for you.

    I imagine the shirt may be a tad on the wrinkled side as well ...

    • If you want the entire collar to be stiffer and sharper you can use starch. You can get cans of 'spray starch' which are aerosols that let you spray a little on while ironing. Very few people use starch.

    • thank you

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  • Use an iron on it.

    • will heating up a pot and using the bottom work? I don't have an iron.. I was thinking of making the shirt a little damp and using the pot as a hot piece of metal

    • No, that won't work. You'll have a wet shirt with a collar that isn't cooperating. Go buy an inexpensive iron with a good steam setting at Target or Walmart. The last one I bout was maybe $20 and totally worth the chump change because I use it all the time.

    • I can't say this enough, don't buy your iron at a thrift store. You'll end up using it way more than you think on your dress/business clothing as well as some casual items. The older irons also don't work as well as the newer ones. Personally, I hate starch. The only time I used it was when I was in the military. Light starch is OK in men's dress shirts, but be careful or you'll end up with a white flaky mess. In this case, less is more.

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  • You have a dress shirt. Buy an iron. Simple as that. Not a huge purchase really, you can get em for pretty cheap :)

  • Use a pot lmao TOTAL guy answer.

    USE THE POT BRO. I do it all the time.


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