Flat footed girls, do you feel my pain? no heels! :(

so my feet are pretty much flat and its not cute but the worst part is that I cannot wear high heels. or hell, even low heels start to hurt my feet after just a short time. I've tried insoles and everything. I've tried wedges - they still hurt like a bitch.

i want to get the arch implant surgery but I don't know when id have time because you have to be off your feet for a few weeks to rehabilitate. :/ I was wondering if you could wear high heels after the surgery

i don't wear shoes that are good for my fit because the shoes that are good for your feet always look like sh*t. I have some shoes that may be good for my feet, they have some arch support (even though I don't have much of an arch) but I mostly wear flats, boots that don't have high heels, converse style sneakers, etc. things that look good with my outfits. the shoes recommended for foot health always look ugly as hell and I won't wear them. also I'm a vegan so that makes it more complicated. anyway...does anyone else out there deal with this? any tips? I've had some people tell me that I have to push through the pain until my feet get used to heels and get kind of used to the pain. it just hurts so much though. I literally remember once when I was in high school, I wore these wedges to the mall and my feet felt like someone was banging a hammer onto them repeatedly. I just took my shoes off and walked barefoot for a little while lol it hurt that bad


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  • I'm very flat footed too...I bought good orthotics for my running shoes! I pretty much wear my running shoes throughout the day and heels when out with friends...Do you have to wear heels that often?


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  • You know I always thought it was the other way around. I have really high arches and heels are uncomfortable.

  • My feet are flat. I wear heels. Not all the time tho. Definatley not to work.


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