The important of looks and style, how much do you value image in your day to day life?

I'm in show biz were looking really good is a most to break into the music, modeling and acting industry and make a good living.

you have to have the right stye and you also need to have good physical gens or your chances are very slim to get into.

all I'm saying is ,special in this business , but how feel about this issue of success and achievement ?


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  • I probably go overboard with my image in day to day life.

    I spend quite a bit of time getting ready to go somewhere, anywhere. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc...My feeling is, you never know who you're going to run into, who you're going to meet.

    I spend time working out 3x week so I'm toned and fit.

    • Wow, BA! Thanks! And good luck with your career! Exciting!

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  • its not as important as it would be in show biz, but it does matter. I'd say I value it a fair amount

    • you see it today more then ever were looks are only valued more then talent it self , back in the day a girl could have afro and sing "loving you " and guy with a jewish nose could be beatle rock star.I myself breaking into the big music biz , some how it's happening fast for me.

    • I got indie labels with the biggest distribution deals in world . you music will everwere. what make me proud is the fact I got their with very little image involved and all need do go platium

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