Which hair style is most flattering?

I'm getting tired of my friends' negative comments on my hair not being worn straightened,dread locked or in braids..they're just girls and not guys but it still hurts plus their the same race as me,you'd think they were supportive

I've never worn a weave and don't plan to but my best friend suggested I should!

I always wear my hair in a bun or ponytail hardly ever down even if I do get it flat ironed but that's damaging to do I wanted to grow my hair out so I won't have to flat iron it to look "good and acceptable" I'm still in high school but graduate next year hopefully people aren't as crude in college.

These are hairstyles I've worn b4 but will never do braids again I love my real hair even if its not as long with braids..but I've only been called beautiful by men(one in his 20s the other in his 30s but it wasn't to hit on me it was just a compliment)when my hair wasn't straightened or in braids
  • Afroish https://blackgirllonghair.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/tumblr_l1f45nrnen1qabw2lo1_1280.jpg
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  • Fake hair braids https://www.cocoandcreme.com/2011/04/over-it-micro-and-box-braids/
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  • Somewhat defined curls https://urbankinks.wordpress.com/tag/hair-care/
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  • Straightened https://moptopmaven.blogspot.com/2010/10/reader-question-help-my-pressed-hair.html
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  • Rolller set https://naturalistacosmetics.blogspot.com/2010/12/tips-for-soft-moist-transitioning-hair.html?z
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  • Depends on face shape but some can pull off all styles nicely


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  • I'm white and am trying to get dreads for the first time. My hair is really short right now and usually dreaded hair needs to be about 3 inches or more to be dreaded...I've got about another month or so until I can do it

    • Good luck I think they get them crocheted..sometimes it looks dirty of white guys when they have blond hair but some of them can pull it off..I live in california so I've seen a few that can pull it off and some that cannot..

      Captian Jack Sparrow looks good with it but he's kinda tan :D plus Jonny Deep is hot reguardless

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    • I think dreads on dudes looks best with dirty blond hair. Could look awesome :)

    • That just made my day :)

What Girls Said 5

  • wear your hair how you want to! its your hair not your friends, so they can control their own and you shouldn't feel too influenced by their opinions. I do suggest though a hairstyle that won't cause you to damage your hair too badly. damage is very difficult to reverse!

  • straightened hair is the most safe and universally flattering hairstyle. without seeing how the other styles look on you personally I'd say go with that. you could always get a perm.

    but if your friends have a problem with it tell them to be quiet. they don't pay your hair bills so why are they talking sh*t?

  • I chose somewhat defined curls, but I also like straightened. If you don't want to straighten it every day, you could get one of those treatments that lasts a long time, sorry I'm not really sure what they are called!

  • The last one

  • I can't vote or see the links because I am in a mobile, but keep it straighten if that is the way you like your hair. Tell your friends to keep their moths shut if they have nothing good to say about your hair. It is your crown after all. Weaves will break your hair off and so will braids, which isn't very nice if you want to grow your hair out. Afro's are cute, but they require a bit of maintenance.

    • Omg, so many typos "mouths"

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