I've heard that the paul mitchell products at the store are not the same. Do you think its true?

as the ones I buy at walmart. Is this just a rumor or do you think its true?

I heard that paul mitchell has a deal with salons and they only distribute the real products and not the watered down stuff to them only.

Is this just rumor?

And what's the best product for your hair?


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  • I know that I've read on some salon haircare products, like Paul Mitchell that are sold at Walmart or other drug stores cannot guarantee the same results as the salon products. I don't know if that means that the products have been tampered with or what. But given that it's still expensive at Walmart, etc., it makes me think that the quality must still be worth the money.

    I use BioSilk shampoo and conditioner every other day when I wash my hair and also Redken Extreme leave-in conditioner and then I use Nexus Leave-In Conditioner and Frizz Lotion and Jojoba Oil.

    • my hair gets wavy and frizzy sometimes is there a good product for that too?

      and the thing is, the guy that does my hair.. he's wonderful he uses paul mitchell product and I definitely can tell the difference betwen that stuff and the stuff at the store

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    • I tried that frizz ease stuff and its awful. ill try that.

      Yeah I buy them at the salon but they can get pricy.

    • Well I love it. Good luck.

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  • Likely true. My sister worked at Capelli NY and she described how Wallmart folks came in and effectively said cut any corners you want but we want this price and it has to look the same and have the same product code so we could write "Compare At" on those price stickers.

    Apparently given their volumes and thus negotiating power, they do that a lot. There are many things that are fine to buy at Walmart, but I would not buy things where quality really matters.

  • Why would he pass up the opportunity of having his products in a store that's on a national level?

    • thats what I thought, unless he's selling two different kinds with the same label or similar labels.

    • My guess is that in Hair salons, the products are going to be Top-Notch while the at the store it's more like above average.

  • All I know is walmart sucks. I'd avoid them when I could.


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  • I think it's a rumor. They wouldn't dare do that and risk their reputation. They're too big and it would be too easy for them to get caught

    • yah, I think its just a rumor too. doesn't really make any sense to sell exclusive "good" products to salons.. that's probably just the salon trying to trick you to pay their higher prices.

  • I use salon Paul Mitchell relaxer but I buy the shampoo and conditioner from walmart it works fine for me

  • ive heard that too...theeres this product called 'its a 10' and its quite expensive for a drugstore product its like 20 bucks I think, and I heard the ones at the drugstore like walmart are fake, and the ones in the salon are real but a tad pricier

    i actually don't invest my money on hair stuff I just buy organic cheap brands anything without sulfates


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