Should I dye my hair?

I have my hair colored a light brown that's faded into a brownish red. I want to get a purple (fav color) streak in it to tho. Should i? or Should I go with a diff color?

Should I get just the tips, streaks all over, or jus one streak?

My hair is wavy and mid length if it matters, check out my profile pic...What do you think?


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  • If you want to have a purple streak, the best way to get it vibrant and to stand out is to bleach the hair first. Because its a stripe, its best to want it as colorful as possible, right? I will say that reds, purples, all those kind of colors fade very quickly.

    Do it! Like you, I wanted colors through my hair. I've always got slightly quirky hair, its how I express myself. I've had streaks of red, purple, blond, highlights of them, I've had blond tips at the bottom of my hair (made it look like my hair was on fire, the rest was red haha) and currently I have a block blond fringe, 2 blond streaks underneath and the rest dark dark dark dark dark dark brown.

    bioweapon154 is right though, I think purple all over would suit you. If you're nervous about going those kind of colors, you can get wash in wash out dyes or sprays that you could "test" and see if you like it? Your hair is light enough in color that you can experimentally put it on and the color will come through without bleaching it.

    Hope I helped :)


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  • I hate any kind of hair dying that doesn't look natural. But it's up to you, make your own decisions.

  • Why not go full purple then? I bet that would look pretty damn sexy on ya.


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