Guys what would you think of this girl? appealing or no?


-long wavy blond hair

-fair skin

-hazel eyes

-simple clothes [skinny jeans, fitted t-shirt, tight sweater, simple flats or sneakers]

-natural or no makeup

-people call her cute

-slim but with some curves in the hips

-C cup

-long toned legs

-round tight bum [not big though, average sized]

personality and hobbies:


-down to earth

-friends and family most important

-ba degree from ivy league, getting ma at another one

-loves to cook and bake

-does yoga, hip hop dancing, and archery

-plays piano and guitar

-likes fine art and literature

-loves active stuff like hiking and swimming

-drinks a lot of coffee

-eats mostly health foods

-girly and feminine but not super preppy girlie girl

-volunteers at an animal shelter

-works for a major technology company

-makes a lot of money for her age and is saving most of it

-loves to travel
i put my hair as wavy in the description because that's how it naturally is but I've been straightening it recently. link


Most Helpful Guy

  • if its you, what's your number, you sound awesome a deep soul who is thinking about the future and knows what she needs to do to get there!

    definitely a dateable girl just from the personality traits the physical traits are a definite plus, and being active is awesome because you can always go hiking or take a long walk next to the river with this girl and she will LOVE IT.

    • The better question is why aren't there more girls like you in the world?

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    • everyone can benefit from being more outgoing besides me, I'm already out there enough, I could use some of your shyness haha

    • btw if you wanna add me feel free, you seem like a really insightful woman and would I would thoroughly enjoy being friends with you

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What Guys Said 8

  • If we were going just by what's describe...

    She definitely sounds appealing and very interesting, her personality and hobbies especially.

  • (Quote from drake) I like a women with a future and a past. I'm all for girls who can make it on they're own and "she" fits the bill. "Pussy run everything fugg that noise"

  • Whats wrong with a picture? Pictures speak a 1000 words. You definitely sound like a good pick you'd be perfect if you had some tattoos & dreads for me :p

    • i want to get a tattoo soon but I'm still being a baby about it. no dreds, though. I never liked them.

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    • thanks!

    • Yep no problem.

  • Yes, this girl would be very appealing. You are very pretty by the way.

  • I don't care for bums.

  • Wow you have like 90% of the perfect woman I imagine. Definitely would date you.

    • what's the other 10%?

    • Uh.. Hispanic, or some kind of Latina. It's just a preference because I'm Hispanic. Also would want to live in a tall forest or on the edge of a cliff in a small house overlooking the ocean. She would also get us into random spontaneous situations where were lost and possibly in serious danger. Death defying adventure! I love it.

  • eh.. I'd f*** you..

    • but would you date me? that's what I care about.

    • yeah you look cute

  • you should post a picture. haven't you heard that a picture's worth a thousand words?


What Girls Said 2

  • She sounds rad, I`d probably hang out with her as long as she didn`t mind my need for McDonalds. :) I know this was meant for guys, but I haven`t had any female company in AGES. LOL. Mostly because I find women somewhat obnoxious with the competition in everything. At least those are the vibes I get. Way to go on making lots of cash for your age, I`m sure you worked hard to get there!

  • sounds really boring. I bet guys wouldn't like her. they would go for more exciting girls. guys like girls who aren't smarty pants nd don't do guy stuff like archery nd will eat a double quarter pounder nd not just a salad. plus a girl with lots of money probs comes off as snobby.

    • I don't think that's always true. I think she sounds really interesting. Anyways, lots of guys don't like really weird girls. There's nothing wrong with being more "normal", or as you say it "boring".

    • fine art nd literature? technology company? how is that not weird? what do YOU call weird?

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