Why do some girls own expensive stuff for no reason?

in this case lululemon yoga pants. they are $100+ each pair.

i have 2 pairs of lulus. I also have two yoga classes a week. I bought them because they breathe better that other brands of yoga pants so I don't sweat too much and overheat.

my cousin has 7 pairs of lulus, one for each day of the week. she doesn't do yoga or any other sport for that matter. she doesn't wear them to school or out in public. she wears them around the house. only her parents and brother see her in them. so why does she need $700 worth of lounging pants?


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  • I was telling my friend the other day why I want to be a trillionaire Rockstar; I could say, I want an Amplifier the size of a Blue Whale, and the shape of a blue whale, and I could commission it, and play guitar through a f***ing blue whale.

    That's what money is, to me. An amp the size of a blue whale.

    Do you know the implications of that? First of all, an amplifier that size, I could never turn the master up past like, 2, or else I'd go deaf, and everyone in the surrounding area would go deaf. Second of all, I would have a NINETY EIGHT FOOT AMPLIFIER. I couldn't even see more than like, twelve foot of it at a time. I'd have to buy a huge f***ing house - a house with a room bigger than a blue whale, just to fit my amplifier into.

    Third of all, if I took it gigging, like, actually, to concert, I'd encounter a number of problems; if I had an amplifier the size of a blue whale, it'd be so loud it'd overpower all the other instruments, so I'd have to have more amps the size of a blue whale made. With the kind of music I make, there are a lot of instruments, so that means maybe 30 f***ing blue whale sized amplifiers. If I wanted to gig with a band and these blue whale amplifiers, I would need to conscript a PLANE, BIG ENOUGH to hold THIRTY BLUE WHALES. Not only that, but I'd have to find concert halls that could hold THIRTY BLUE WHALES. And I really doubt there are many of them, like. So, to tour, I'd have to build concert halls around the world, that could fit thirty blue whales.

    Just to turn it up to level 2 so as not to make everyone go deaf.

    WHY would I do that?

    'Cos, man. It's an amplifier, like, the size of a blue whale. When I have the money, I can make that happen. So...


    Blue whale to lululemon yoga pants, like. Girl has the money to buy a $700 dollar pair of yoga pants for every day of the week, just to sit around the house in. She's gonna do it, man. I mean, if you can just THROW AWAY money, you're going to become a bit of a spendthrift. Nobody really needs anything, anyway. Superfluous items, like. So, someone like you or me, like- well, I don't know about your financial situation, but I would see like, paying thirty dollars for a pair of headphones EXTRAVAGANT, because I have to search through all my five pence coins at the end of the month, but she clearly is on another level, so if my bar for an extravagant item sits around thirty dollars, hers is gonna be like, 700 dollars. You know?

    And, when I'm a trillionaire, mine'll be like, 700 billion, hahaha. Headphones, lululemon yoga pants, an infrastructure for 30 blue whales.There's like, people existing on different levels of expenditure, right? Ahaha.


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  • I've a better question. Why are people spending $100 on a pair of yoga pants. I don't even like the yoga pant fad

    • haha. you're legit the ONLY guy I've heard say that. every guy I know LOVES them and wants girls to wear only them.

      they're $100 because they're more breathable like the QA said. cheap yoga pants are made of cheap cotton poly blend and you get super sweaty, hot, and gross if you work out in them. the expensive ones are made of a special material that cools your body down when you work out. MUCH more comfortable.

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    • Yoga's performed naked quite a lot, actually, traditionally.

    • Yeah, I heard about that..it's quite interesting

  • because she wants to.


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  • i agree, I think its unnecessary and excessive and not using money wisely. you can treat yourself with one splurge here and there but you don't need 7 of them. I know a girl she bought like 4 different michael kors watches, one in like gold, another silver, another rose gold...and theyre all the same style just different finishes/colors and I'm just like why! why why why.

  • 7 pairs is excessive. but I'd like to own one pair. Lulus are an investment; if anything goes wrong with them, you can bring them to the store and they'll be fixed. that's why they are worth $100

  • Because she can afford to? Idk. I think it's excessive, but then again, I don't spend that much money on things I don't need.

    • the funny thing is they can't. my aunt and uncle buy her all this nice stuff and live in a huge house but they can't pay any of their bills and keep getting more credit card debt.

  • many people feel important when they wear designer clothes, even if they can't afford it


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