Should I dye my hair?

I have black hair right now and I want it to be dark brown. If I dye do you think a lot if people would notice? I don't want it to be too noticeable, I just want it to lighten up my skin tone.


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  • yeaa if you want to do it

    i had dark brown hair nd dyed it to a much lighter brown which looks good =)

    and some people would notice espicialy the ones your always with, but also deppends on how light you go

    goood luckkkk!

    • I've never dyed my hair before. Should I use the same hair dyes that women use?

    • yeaa that was my first time aswell lol nope try the mens and don't leave it in for to long it might go to light and if you don't like the color you can always change till you get the right color

    • Awesome, thanks!

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