How much do women take a man's muscular build into account when getting "hit on"?

Please Please Please Please be honest!

I see how you ladies react to a buff muscular cut guy.

I have heard from women describing how they felt when seeing really sexy muscular guys.


I hear about women getting weak at the knees talking to a guy who is sexy.

And I also know that many guys with very fit muscular bodies can get a girls attention very easy.

So if you say muscles mean nothing to you, I will think you are not being completely truthful.

So, honestly, and seriously, tell me how much a guys buff build counts when he approaches you!

*feel free to answer anonymously if you don't want your GAG counterparts to know how you feel about this issue.

I want the truth please!


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  • lol I think the weak at the knees thing is a little exaggerated and most girls I know that like twilight are 15 years old, so when you're that age and you have a crush it's the biggest deal in the world to you.

    When a guy is hitting on me at first I don't really even look at his body/muscles

    it's more his face, how tall he is and what's he is saying.

    I like some muscles on a guy, like toned shoulder are nice but I don't need a fake looking guy with every muscle in his body showing, it looks like they have been airbrushed to me.

    I like real guys, some muscles with some fat is just fine

    • When I was in the theater watching Twilight, there was a representation of ALL AGE GROUPS. Yes, there were 15 year olds, but there was also many girls of all ages up to like 40! And they all gasped when he took his shirt off! So I know for sure, it is not just 15 year olds!

      But, you consider height, how nice his face looks and what he says.

      Cool, thanks

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    • That answer helps me understand your opinion more.


    • Your definition of a "healthy man" sure is odd. A healthy man should have a well functioning body, a lot of anabolic tissue and not an excess amount of fat tissue. A healthy man watches what he eats, but also exercises because sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day is what is keeping your version of a healthy man looking "thin."
      Basically healthy males should be between 10%- 14% bodyfat percentage and should have fully developed muscle fascia. (Fascia is how and where muscle fibers attach to ligaments, bones, etc. Having well developed fascia is a byproduct of physical activity over ones lifetime. Notice I did not say some huge, jacked Arnold wannabe. More like your tim tebow. He is probably sitting at 14-15% bodyfat and has fully developed fascia and a lot of muscle mass as well.)

      Anabolic tissue will improve overall health in all other bodily functions.
      So, to be healthy, make sure you move around a lot more than the typical male does these days.

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What Girls Said 3

  • i don't like huge muscles. if you are in shape, cool. but please, please, please, don't look like you can kill me with your fist. I go for a cute face more than a muscley physique. the guy I am dating now is fat. but cute in the face. I don't give a crap if he starts working out and all of a sudden gets buff. I like him for other reasons.

  • I personally don't find hugeeeee muscles attractive, but I don't like a guy that's really skinny sort of thing?

    Like the guy I'm seeing now, he has muscles but just the right amount :)

    But I don't normally base my opinion of someone on their muscles, I'd rather get to know the person that they are inside, it means way more to have a good personality that massive muscles :)

    • So you just happen to have a guy with muscles and a good personality?

      I need to put up pictures I think, because many girls ara speaking asbif tere is only very skinny/scrawny and Mr. Olympia muscles.

      I think girls want clearly defined muscles, just not big. But definitely and unquestionably with muscles!

    • Didnt say anything about looks haha, but yeah he has some amount of muscles because he goes to the gym, looks after himself. Like he's a normal size if you get what I mean, he's not so big I can't get my arms round him but he's not so small I can get them round him twice? :)

  • Yeah I like a guy who takes care of their body. I exercise to stay in shape too. But I don't just look at your body. I look at a guys eyes, you can tell a lot from a guys eyes. But honestly truthfully I do go for guys that have hot bodies, and that doesn't mean you have to have a six pack. I don't care for guys with beer bellies,lol. And fyi I HATE the twilight movies, Jacob to me is like a major BLAH! OK all you girls out there can hate for saying that,lol, I don't care.

    But yeah I do like a man who cares about his body and health! :)

    • Caring about your health and having a hot muscular body are two entirely different things for men.

      You do know this right?

      A healthy guy would appear scrawny to most women.

    • ok whatever lol

      i know guys that take care of themselves and are muscular.

    • But the guys you are talking about that "take care of themselves" are working out at the gym.

      Weight lifting and being healthy are not the same things.

      Guys that are vegetarians and walk a bunch and don't smoke or drink much are not jacked or muscular at all really.

      People often use the word "healthy" to describe a sexy person that works out a bunch at the gym.

      Your "healthy" sexy guy is weight lifting at the gym 4 days a week and popping creatine and consuming a ton of weigh protein.

What Guys Said 2

  • im a rather muscular guy (I actually have pictures on my account of my chest and back just to be goofy) I have been doing manual labor since I was 14 (started roofing when I was 14 and since then I have been a mechanic, a lumberjack, an assembler at John Deere a mechanic, and now I mount tires for John Deere) doesn't really seem like I get the attention I used to anymore. Now that I am out of high school people aren't just looking for the guy with the hot body, they want something behind it (I still have people chatting with me and dancing with me at the bar) but it seems that not nearly as many girls like me now as they did when I was in high school.

    • bra you don't look musculary at all. no offence of course

    • guess we are surfers now brah, but my fore arms are over 14" around my bicep is around 14 as well. I have always been a very skinny guy and haven't worked out since my sr. year of high school when my max bench was 250 lbs, max power clean was 230, I was squatting around 320 or so I may not look very big but my body is all muscle

  • since I've got bigger women notice me more and treat me different, whether that's due to actually being bigger or more self confidence I couldn't say.

    • Since I have gotten bigger, girls notice me more and smile more.

      My confidence has not changed at all. The only change is girls reaction to me. That must mean something.

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