When does an appreciative look become a rude stare?

I limit myself to 2 seconds at a time. Unless I'm looking at someone's butt, then I figure what she doesn't know won't hurt her, and I stare away.

I realize this is subjective and depends on the starer and the staree.

Oh, and I've always figured reflections in glass don't count. I do some serious checking out that way. Girls, you can't tell when guys are doing this, can you? Any other guy use the reflection trick?


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  • Two seconds is fine. Any longer would be rude (in my personal opinion). If I caught you oggling my butt or anything else I would be pretty angry. I don't care how good looking or flattering you think it is I just am not that type of woman. Plus I'm engaged so it irks me even more.

    • Lol, it's pretty hard to catch someone looking at your butt. Thnx for answering.

    • Not if someone else catches them or you see them out of the corner of your eye or even the reflection for that matter (not the same exact reflection technique you use but similar). I wasn't just talking butt though. I have caught plenty of guys. Some of which I did yell at.

    • Actually I don't own one pair of jeans. I hate jeans. I wear pantsuits but no I don't do it to show off my butt. Not all girls are shallow and looking to get attention.

  • It's never a rude stare if I think he is hot also. I have never heard of the reflection trick.


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