Girls would you date a guy that is in his early 20's but already has a receding hairline?

Like to the middle of the top of his head if its thinning out a lot. How much would it affect your attraction towards him? If he is otherwise good looking and has a wonderful personality?

And would you prefer him to keep the rest of his hair short or shave it all off?


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  • I am amazed this question has been asked because it used to be an issue man years ago when they didn't know why men receeded, but as men produce more testosterone, the hair thins, explaining that some men have a low test balance, resulting in no loss or thinning, and sometimes keeping their color to, but as men are now developing more higher levels of testosterone, probably to do with the fact that we are living longer now and that mid 30's is now equivalent to a 21'st birthday, higher levels are needed, so shallow people would think hair matters, but if we all were realistic, no hair after the initial time it takes to get used to it, looks better than some random cut that looks like someones just got out of bed, so for me, a shaved head is preference to these shocking styles that have been put in fashion, just to make millions of pounds for the cons who designed them, so as we evolve we will do so with less hair, more muscular and live 200 years instead of 75, so to me, I would rather be bald then reduce testosterone because that will do better things for me than a full head of hair could,

    • Brilliant informative answer, thankyou! Sorry if this is a silly question but would that explain why many young but balding men have a really high sex drive? From what I've experienced.

    • Testosterone is the main ingredient for having a healthy sex drive, so I think its safe to say that your probably right,x

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  • Mine is receding a bit and it concerns me! I try to cover it up as best as I can :(

    • :) Hey just wanted to say I asked this question because I'm dating a guy that has a receeding hairline but I think he is absoloutely gorgeous and extremely sexy! I just wanted to see if most girls thought that way because it doesn't bother me in the slightest and my boyfriend used to be really concerned about his lack of hair. Please don't be concerned or feel you have to cover it up! I'm sure many ladies love the way you look!

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  • Of course we still would be attracted to you. we are dating you not your hair ;) if a chick blames it on the hair she's no good. plus if your uncomfortable about it beanies are always attractive! just keep it short, bald is for the 30s

    • Im a lady lol :P But my boyfriend has a receeding hairline but I think he's absoloutely gorgeous and so sexy! I just wanted to see if other ladies felt the same way :) Thanks for your comment though, totally agree with you.

    • haha oops! I'm sure many are attracted to you too doll! I think its nice you asked for him, he has someone who genuinely cares! xoxo

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