Why do men drool at ultra thin girls?

Is there a specific reason that they would be better then someone with hips and curves?

Elaborate please!

For example:

Curvy: link

Ultra thin: link (girl in the white and red.)


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  • That first girl in your example looks amazing to me. I'd pick her easily over the second girl.

    Fitness is attractive, but so are curves. A combination of the two is best, but unfortunately many women with curves are also not that fit. But curves are always preferred over no curves and fitness is always preferred over unfit


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  • A very popular misconception amongst girls.

    It's the gay fashion designers and other women that have the really thin girls as an ideal, not straight men!

    Checkt this link

    • Trust me, the vast majority of men prefer the first picture you linked, not the second.

    • Glad to see this, and totally love the link.!

      I was just curious because the guy I like seems to go for the second, while I match more with the first.

  • Both links are appealing to me. I see nothing out of the ordinary.

    But when you say ultra thin, I immediately thought of girls within the threshold of the recent Angelina Jolie. The only people who drool over ultra thin girls are OTHER GIRLS. Yes, the glamor obsessed bitches in Hollywood are the ones who tout the ultra skinny divas, not men.

  • Different men are attracted to different types of girls. Likewise, different girls are attracted to different types of men.

    The most ironic thing is that people in general, seem to want what they don't have. My curvier friends want to be skinnier. My skinny friends want to be curvier. Girls with naturally curly hair use a straightener. Girls with naturally straight hair use a curler.

  • Those guys can speak for themselves. I'll stick with curvy.

    • Same, I just don't get it lol.

    • Different guys like different things. They're just preferences. Thin body shapes can look good too, I just happen to like curvy better.

    • To each their own(: haha

  • The interpretation of curvy varies. This can include girls with a lot of fat to girls who have smaller amounts of fat. Girls who are really thin are not healthy. It would be better to see how you define curvy. You should do this by citing examples or linking pictures.

    • Ok give me a sec. I'll post examples.

    • I find both bodies attractive.

    • Some guys do, I was just curious because they're so different.

  • Girls look best in clothes when they're thin. Clothes are designed for models, after all, usually.

    Only on the beach can curvy girls look better.

  • I just drool for no reason at all.

    • Yea, that's what happens when you get old. Hehe

    • Yeah, one day I just got tired of swallowing so I quit it.

  • Are you the same one that posted earlier? I believe it was mentioned that thin girls have the ability to have curves too. Hip to waist ration and all that

    • *ratio*

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    • The person was asking why white guys went after "ruler shaped" girls and didn't appreciate "curvy" girls.

    • No, but if I would've seen it I wouldn't have posted this.

      Pretty much the same thing.:P my bad.

  • Do you really need validation from guys who obviously don't care about girls with your frame? leave it be

    • I didn't mentioned my frame, I'm pretty average for my height. Don't be a d***.

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  • I don't think they do, I think it's something women assume men do.

    We think because a guy thinks a girl with a certain body is pretty , we should all look like that.

    And that's not it at all, I know guys who say they like brunettes and still look at blondes, guys that like skinny girls but still look at curvy girls.

    It's just generalizations women do, such a waste of time

    • So just like a paranoid thought? I can see that.

    • This answer is great and completely true! Just because a guy(s) like one body type doesn't mean they are averse to all other types.

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