What can I use to eliminate frizzy hair?

I have rally big pretty, natural curls. The type that falls in ringlets and are springy (you can pull them a good 2 - 3 inches to straighten them and let go and they'll bounce back). That's how my hair is naturally dried.. only thing is, it's very, very thing and very, very frizzy. Right now, I use Biosilk while I comb to get out the horrible tangles in the morning and it helps ease the frizz a little. But by like 3 pm, after a rough day.. it gets frizzy again due to the humidity in Texas (it's HORRBILE - just ask anyone who lives here lol). (My theme motto: People in Texas melt faster than the ice cream does lol.) Also, my scalp has been drying out due to using conditioning products too much to keep it less frizzy. What can I do?
really* oops lol


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  • take a drier sheet and pat it on your hair :) it removes the static buildup, eliminating the frizz

    • really? I have never heard of people doing that before lol

    • ive heard of it from multiple sources on the internet and have seen it on a TV show. the doctors I think was the show, not positive on that one though.

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