Being attractive is a plus in many situations. Agree or disagree? Lets expand the truth on this idea...

I'm really starting to learn that being attractive is a huge advantage in a lot of situations. This is all coming from a girl who used to never try to look pretty, always wore jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts with my hair in a bun or a sloppy ponytail, never wore make-up or put in extra effort to look physically appealing. A girl like that who transformed into a potential model. I notice a huge difference in even the simplest of gestures people give when they think you're attractive. It's like half or at least a fourth of your work is done because they're already open to you, friendly, and very receptive to your presence. I think it's because we live in a very superficial society. The realization that some people will treat others like they are worthless for not being attractive, yet practically naturally treat attractive people like gold disgusts me. That's actually one of the things I look for in a guy when I'm deciding whether he's worth my time; how does he treat people who can do nothing for him or people he's not even attracted to.

Anyway, I've even observed it with other girls. A pretty girl can be quiet and boring, but becuase she's pretty, guys will put up with that and constantly make an effort to talk to her. Yet if an overweight girl with an average or ugly face is boring and quiet, the guy will pretty much treat her like she's not there and may even get an attitude if she makes a constant effort to talk to him. A beautiful girl can be a straight up rude a*ss b*tch and a lot of guys will excuse that because they think she's hot. Whereas if a not so pretty girl is a bluntly rude b*tch, guys will tend to talk trash about her and belittle her.

What is up with this?

I think it's disgusting how incredibly superficial our society has become! What are your opinions and personal experiences with this topic?
I'm sorry for feeling the need to block anonymous users because I think the option to post anonymously is very unique and people tend to be more open if they can be anonymous. But, I'm tired of some people abusing that unique feature so that they can be rude and ignorant. I'm really sorry though for those of you that don't abuse that feature! I hope I'm not turning you away from a good topic


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  • Oh very true. I can't even describe how many times I've gotten a student discount at movie theaters without a student ID, just because of a slight smirk and gleaming stare. While my friends never get them LOL.


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  • you're right it's wrong, but on the other hand you have to be attracted to a girl to like her. This is assuming were talking about dating a girl, but if it's just to hang with or someone I work with I definitely go by personality. Even with relationships I would take a girl whos a 5 with an awesome personality than a 10 whos boring.


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  • Well I don't wear makeup 24/7 and there are days when I'm too tired to do anything more than pull on some sweats and a tank but I won't say people are any nicer to me when I dress nicely. I mean I definitely notice the guys notice and like looking at me longer or more than usual but they usually treat me about the same. Also I know overweight people who have great personalities and everyone loves them for who they are. I also know attractive people hat are disliked for their attitudes. Also I like to look "normal" on a regular basis so I can wow the guys at special occasions. That's much better than having it the other way around haha. I've seen girls who wear make up 24/7 w/o makeup and I always go like holy sh*t! O.o is that the same girl?! And I want my guy to like me for me, not what I make myself seem like but for what I truly am.

    • Please excuse the spelling and grammar errors haha

    • it's ok! lol it's not a big deal :) I know what you meant

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