What type of Girl do I look like.

Look at my pictures.

What kinda of person do you think I am

You can be stereotypical & be honest.


posted new pictures ;) lol
Im not fishing for a compliment. If I was I wouldn't have said something stupid like "Am I pretty"Im was trying to see what kinda of first impression/vibe I put off.but thanks for those of you who keep telling me I just want to hear compliments i


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  • :D oh goody! This is going to be fun!

    You look rather mature for your age.

    You're very into fashion, but you don't really bother with the expensive brands.

    You can comprise something cute out of just a few nidbits here and there and end up with an entire wardrobe for the price of on high-end top.

    You're into all types of music, but mostly rock and pop-rock. You do like something you can dance to occasionally.

    You've considered going into the military, but you're probably going to get a degree in business.

    Most likely, you'll get your GE at JC, and transfer to Uni, unless you get that scholarship, which technically, you SHOULD be working on right now. Ohio State would be cool, but you've kinda thought about going outbound. You've wondered how it would be to study abroad, but you haven't really put much thought into it. You're also into writing.

    Your father is probably in the Airforce, but don't quote me on that one.

    You've played a couple sports in high school, but you're not THAT chick who's on every team playing every sport.

    You like going to the beach, but that's out of the question for most of the year, so you dress "beachy" when you can.

    You have a spot of astigmatism. You sometimes stop at Gazz-up before school.

    Go Pirates!

    This is fun! This was a good question idea! I might do one, myself.

    • Wow!!! are you a freaking mind reader or physic hah.

      Im very mature for my age.

      Im working on a scholar ship to UCLA but I'm scared to go out of state.

      Im majoring in business & minor is fashing design.

      Love pop rock like breaking benjamin & paramore ;)

      My father is in the police force. lol

      I played volleyball...thats it

      I can't go to the beach...a huricane whiped it out. =(

      Im not sure what gazz up is tho lol

      Im often misinturpreted.

    • Psychic? Something like that. Not exactly.

      UCLA is a good school, but you'll need a great scholarship to get in and stay in. Living expenses in Southern Cali are astronomical. And as an out-of-state you'll pay higher tuition.

      Just make sure You apply for numerous scholarships. And double check the information on the one you're working on now.

      Also, a Hurricane did not, by any means, wipe out the beach.

      And next time you're pulling into school, note the name of the Gas Station

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  • Based only off your pictures (I didn't read anyone elses responses either), I'd say you are bubbly and silly. You like to have fun with your friends. You care about your appearance but don't go overboard trying to change your look. You care what other people think about you even though you might not act like it. You are smart and ambitious. That's my guess, so how did I do?


    cause to me I don't wnat anyone looking at my sisters saying ooh there hot they look like a country girl

    or somone looking at my girlfriend ooh she's got nice boobs maybe I should get her in bed

    i don't like people doing htat shit to them

    i don't care about looks

    i just care about the inside

  • It seems like you're fishing for a compliment, unfortunately I'm not the type to give them. =)

    To be honest, you look like one of my friends. She is super picky when it comes to date. You have her look but it doesn't mean you have to be like her that super picky!

  • I would say you look like a preppy girl, someone who is out to impress guys and really needs guys to like you. You also look like you are driven tho, so you know what you want and you go after it.

  • you look very cute in your pics...but to tell you the truth...looks don't mean anything because its who you are inside that really defines you.

  • ur def. the opposite of the silent sensitive type, not that that's a bad thing, I'm just not attracted to that kind of personality

  • ur cute in the way that its like ooooo lol

    • Hah. thanks?

      what do you mean?

    • Good way you look older than you actually are I would guess more in....early 20's or so. your more sophisticated looking

    • Ha I'm actually 18... I didn't wanna put my real age on here lol but I don't think I can change it. but thanks!

  • Girl next door sexy.


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  • You seem a bit high maintenance and lack of confidence, I mean, you did just post a request for everyone to judge your looks aka fishing for compliments.

    im sure you're going to think this is mean, but that's ok, its my honest opinion.

    • Mmk what? are you confused about something?

    • Yeah I'm confused by your answer.. because your totally off. I have plenty of self cofidence the question didn't say "tell me if I'm pretty or not" it said be sterio typical like what vibe do I put off.

      But its whatever least you answered honestly.

  • this question is just an argument or a disagreement waiting to happen but no comment on your looks sorry

    • If you say you have no comment. than why comment on here??


    • Because that's my opinion no need to get offended you rather me tell you your pretty? or ugly? nope I liked my comment just fine you said you wanted honesty so you got it don't ask for something you don't want so whatever to you too jeez (about to get ghetto) lol nah I'm not like that ppl

  • Kay, I'll give it a try haha

    From your pictures I would guess that you're outgoing and friendly; that you're smart and driven, you know what your goals are, but you also love to party with friends.

    That's the image I get lol :]

  • You seem fun and confident. You can have a good time, whether that is at a sports game or with friends. judging your friends, you all seem caring and fun to be around. I think that you are the kind of person that is satisfied with where you are right now, and that you can accept your quirks and laugh at yourself. If you really are like this, you must be a really great friend!

  • very fun loving, outgoing, you probably are really into boys, and I have a feeling a lot of girls are bothered by you but you're the kind of person I would probably be friends with.

  • You look outgoing and friendly, but also like a nice, traditional southern girl.

    • Ha thanks. a southern girl...elaborate ;)

    • You look really bubbly and like your favorite thing is to go to your school's football games with your friends and cheer on the hot guys, but you're not an actual cheerleader. Hence looking like a good southern girl.

    • Ha yeaa.

      Im not a cheerleader but was sergeant of the dance team, Then had surgery on my foot so I spent football games in the stands last 3 games =( but thanks lol

  • rockishh girl party lover?

  • im a girl and I'm so not bieing homo

    but you look like the girl everybody knows and want to be friends with. the girl that has a boyfriend but all the boys are crushing on. but not preppy preppy.

    • Hah thanks ;)

      Your pretty right. (not trying to be conceited)

      Besides the boyfriend part we broke up 2 weeks before valentines day after 13 months ;( he says were on break..whatever that means but we still do everything the same. ha were gettin backtogether lol anyways thanks lol

    • Lol well I hope everything works out!!

  • why would you ask a question like that?

  • You look like a normal, happy person.

  • friendly, out going, mature, thoughtful