How do I get ready for a fancy gala in so little time?

When I get ready for a fancy event where I'll be doing my hair and makeup it takes me about 2-3 hours (mostly for the hair, I have terrible and uncooperative hair).

Tomorrow night my boyfriend's company is hosting a gala dinner and I want to look nice. The problem is my schedule before that:

7 am-11 am: Volunteering at an animal shelter (I'll be wearing gross sweats and have my hair pulled back because I have to scoop litter boxes and bleach cat condos).

12 pm- 4 pm: TKD promotion at my dojang, which is 45 minutes away from the shelter. I'll be wearing a dobock and sweating a lot, so I don't intend to wear any makeup, and my hair will already be a mess.

5 pm: Gala dinner. My apartment is 45 minutes from the dojang and the museum where the gala is being hosted is 20 minutes from my apartment, so I'll be late no matter what. The problem is, if I'm more than an hour late they won't let us in.

What should I do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Make a plan of how you want to do your hair. I suggest you straighten it or you can do curls but not over the top, then pin it up with safety pins. Bring hair spray with you and your makeup. But your best option is to do your hair in the morning. If you do curls, make sure your curls are held in tight with hairspray before you pin them up. You're probably better off doing curls if your hair tends to frizz up when you sweat if you're going to be sweating that much. When it comes to that time where you have to get ready to walk in, take the pins out and decide if the curls are good enough to wear out. If not then bring extra bobby pins and do an updo with the curls.


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  • WEll, leave early from the tkd, that should't be a major problem, and then wear something you can throw on quickly, maybe a sheath dress. Put your hair in a pony tail, I ca't imagine what else yu can do in a hurry.


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  • Just do your makeup in the morning, something simple--eyeliner, some mascara, foundation and blush? For eyeliner and mascara use water proof if you're going to be sweating. Then when you get home you just have to do some little touch ups. And for your hair... braid your hair back. Then, when you get home take the braid out and your hair will be wavy and really nice. For some extra volume, flip your head over and spray hairspray all over. Tousle with your fingers, and you're good to go!

  • do something simple... like natural make up and wear your hair natural. Buy a really pretty hair piece and go with that. You can look really good without spending hours preparing.


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