What can be used to cover the dark line that I got under my eyes?

Any products that may work please girls help me out its quite bad.


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  • You might feel like a p**** doing this, but go to the drug store and find Cover Girl Simply Ageless concealer in the makeup section. It works well on any skin type and covers dark circles perfectly, believe me :p Just find your skin tone and you're set for life since it lasts a while. Good luck my friend :)


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  • Concealer is probably your best bet to cover them up quickly but it won't make them go away. To get them to go away you probably need to get more sleep and a better diet in. They also could be from your allergies or a vitamin K deficiency. Its really hard to tell where they're from. If you lack sleep lately then that's probably the more reasonable answer why. You can put brewed and cold tea bags under your eyes for 15 min to relax them or use a cucumber. You can also use a bag of frozen peas (something cold) and hold it underneath your eyes. The cold will help the inflammation of your blood vessels.

  • Try bio oil I use it everyday under my eyes, it's a little greasy so put it on before you go to bed.

    You should pat it on not rub it in, it works for me.

    You can order it online like at ebay or amazon or get it at walmart for like $10 I think, it lasts along time.

    Also do you have bad allergies or sinus ? that can cause them

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