What kind of tattoo should I get?

I want to get my nickname big white on my back shoulders but I don't want to be cliche and get old English so I thought about getting it in polish but I don't know how you would write it or say it correctly so then I am also trying to learn Russian and thought they have a different type of alphabet and would look kind of cool. I also want to get a in memory of my mother who died of cancer I was thinking of having a cross and a pink ribbon draped on it but would like something else with it and I am going to get a dragon tattoo on my calf but I would like to get another creature that would portray strength loyalty loving and perseverance any ideas?


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  • An invisible one. Do you think there is anything that you could perminantly place on your body that you will love forever? 15-20 years ago, you LOVED Barney. Aren't you glad you did not tatoo his pruple self on your butt? Our tastes change as we get older. I got one when I was 18 and I hate it now 10 years later, but there is nothing I can do about it. I'm just glad it's on my back where I don't have to look at it. Not to mention, if you get bigger then smaller or vice versa, tatoos don't look pretty...


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  • It sounds like you have tattoo fever and just want ink. Half my friends got inked the minute they turned 18, put little thought into what they wanted, and most of them hate their tattoos now. I didn't get mine until many years after high school (and college), partly in memorial to my father who died from ALS. I took over a year to decide what I wanted, where, and specifics about the tattoo. I really like it and want another, but haven't decided what yet. My advice to you, is if you really want ink, take your time, do your research, and decide what you would want permanently inked on your body. Imagine yourself in 5, 10, even 20 years. What kind of career you may have, and what having the tattoo might mean to a perspective employer, or even your future spouse and children. Would it cause you embarrassment when you are older? If so, don't do it.

    In my opinion, the nickname idea is stupid, and you will almost certainly regret it. DON'T go for anything "cool". Fads come and go, but you will have this tattoo for the rest of your life, make it unique and mean something to you... I like the idea of the memorial tattoo for your mom -- that is meaningful and personal. I'd think about that some more and go that route.


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