Really want this tattoo. Thoughts?

So I would like to get a tattoo of a bird on my back. It's something I drew on my banjo head before Christmas to express my difference in playing and to show that I am ready to take chances with music. The reason why I used a bird is because of my freedom from playing like everyone else to sore above and beyond from then on out (I'm very passionate about my music). It's not very big (like maybe a bit bigger than an inch) but I would like to get it on my back and have that be my only tat. My dad has a tat but wishes he never got it (it wasn't something he thought through before he got it). He tells me that getting a tattoo is like graffiti on a temple and thinks that it's best for people not to get them and my boyfriend isn't big about them eather but says he'll still love me if I got one. Thing is I don't really think much about getting there approval. Even so it is a permanent thing and I guess I was wondering if my attitude is right to get a tat.
And I turn 18 in may. I'm plaining on getting it in the summer before I start college


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  • people only regret a tattoo that doesn't mean something to them. I want to get a few, but I haven't quite narrowed it down enough/found one affordable that I want.

    I really want to get a koi fish swimming up a waterfall to symbolize my good luck through life's trials, but it would run about 450 bucks for how I want it done...

    • Wow. It must be pretty fancy. I guess it's a good thing that my bird is small and not very detailed.

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  • It sounds like your tattoo has a lot of meaning to it and I've always thought bird tattoos were cool as well. But being young and getting a tattoo always has his it's possibilities of not being as cool when you get older. But since it's what you want now and it seems u really like it, I say go for it!


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