Guys, why do you like girls who are shorter?

And why do you like the ass?

And does a girl being smarter than you, attractive?


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  • Guys always love feeling dominant. That can either be good or bad because you stumble across those asses who abuse their girlfriends either physically or emotionally to prove dominance( Or in some cases they are just plainly screwed up). But being taller than a girl is a thing that gives guys comfort aswell as slight dominance. They feel they can protect them. Comfort wise it's always nice to have someone you can put your arm around and have them snuggle up to you. It just feels a little bit strange when your the one cuddling the taller girl. (Just my opinion).

    With asses they are just sexy simple as that. It's something that every guy likes whether it is a lot or a little.

    In terms of how smart they are I suppose that depends on their personality. If you have a really stuck up girl who proves that she is smarter than you all the time then that is definitely a no. But if a girl is smart but just doesn't boast around with it and is more down to earth than I believe yes (:

    Hope this helps

    • Yeah. It's not smart as in boasting around that she's smart. Thanks! :)

    • Abusiveness is equally prominent amongst women as it is amongst men. While it is true that there are more men who are physically abusive, there are more women who are psychologically abusive.

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  • Because on average, girls are shorter than guys. The things that distinct the opposite gender from ours are found the most attractive.

    We like the ass, because evolution dictated us to like it. When primeates had swollen butt-cheeks, it meant that they were fertile at that moment. People are wired to find signs of a potential mate to make offspring.

    I wouldn't like it that much if she was smarter than me.

  • Most guys feel uncomfortable dating someone taller then them, personal I would have no problem dating someone taller then me. Some guys are ass guys and some guys are t*ts guys. The ass is nice to look at, that's why I like it. I would rather date someone smarter then me then a moron, I would not care as long as she is not arrogant about being smarter.

  • I prefer boobs to ass.

    I prefer girls who are shorter than me. But I'm 6'2" so that gives a wide range. Aside from that, height is not that important to me.

    I don't want to sound like an arrogant prick, but not very many girls are smarter than me. But in general I like smart girls, and if she was smarter than me, I'd be perfectly fine with that.

  • We like feminine girls and being tall is considered a masculine trait. why the ass? It's like a bouncy treasure box. :) and being smarter isn't a turn off or a turn on.

  • Them being shorter makes me feel more like the man. And like I can protect them. I love there ass cause its nice and smooth and sexy. And them being smarter is whatever. Its nice to know there not dumb I guess. lol


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  • lol like three questions in one haha

    well all I know is this: men are incredibly shallow. intelligence doesn't mean much to most of them, I'm telling you. however, if you're smarter, they may feel threatened or insecure, or feel that you're intellectualaly dominating them and making them look stupid.

    • Women are just as shallow as men. Hell, probably even more shallow.

      We are more shallow about looks, women are more shallow about... well everything else.

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    • *two...anyway I don't hear as many women saying that as I hear men saying that about women. on this factor alone, I may be given the impression that men are more concerned with looks than intelligence, which can give me the impression that they are shallower. I don't think that's hard to understand. the conversation can go further, of course, and talk about other things but judging on this two things alone, looks and intelligence, its understandable how I would draw that conclusion.

    • i wasn't actually comparing men and women in my initial answer just going to disregard your comment and not delve any deeper into this topic. my comment was that men are incredibly shallow. whether or not women are shallow or shallower is irrelevent - my comment was about men because the question was about what men like. it wasn't "who likes butts more, men or women?" it was "why do men like butts" etc. just sayin!

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