Most girls are better looking than they think?

Agree or Disagree

Do you notice that most girls are a lot more better looking than they think they look

Like she can rate her looks as a 6 and you rate her as a solid 8

If AGREE , why do you think that is ( girls think they aren't good looking) ?

Disagree , why do you disagree?

Something I noticed with some girls I know
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Most Helpful Guy

  • In my opinion those people who are not manic-depressive and are not sociopathic arrogant - respectively more or less normal see themselves as they really are.

    If you really are attractive, look at yourself - in that case there's no way you'll see anything less.

    If you are not attractive then you just won't see a hottie by seeing yourself.

    About the girls who -say- they look worse than they really are.. I think that's fishing for compliments or deliberate seeking for ego boost.

    Even being aware of your worth not always means being comfortable in your own skin.

    In some people there is perpetual infinite void within which constantly must be "fed" with something.

    You know you're good.. but there's always this sinister voice whispering that maybe you're not.. giving you doubts.. and the victims of this MUST seek constant approval of their worth from the outside.

    This phenomena ironically is present among outwardly the most loudest and sociable people.


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What Guys Said 9

  • I think that most of those girls are just fishing for compliments so I can't say whether or not you're right since I think it's all an act

  • i know a lot of girls who are trying to always look better and stuff, because they think they don't look good enough so I agree with the statement. but some of the not so pretty girls I know think theyre super sexy (just because theyre ho's)

  • Nahhhh. Worse looking than they think, if anything.

  • When I was in high school a lot of girls complained that there hair was not the right color and they should dye it, or they were to fat or that there hair was to straight or curly. This annoyed me since I though most of them were fine the way they look.

  • Usually worse looking id say, because they get hit on all the time if their at least a 4 and the guys who usually hit on them are better looking then they are so they get a overated opnion of themselves and all think they can get some really good looking guy.

    • why would a guy hit on a 4 , lol I've seen guys hitting on really pretty girls but not less . I seriously need more experience in life because I'm really surprised lol

    • if a guycis just looking for some action or flirting.. hel go lower then himself because its easy for him

  • i think its opposite

    • they are worse than they think ? , wow if I'm worse than what I classify myself as ugly , then I'm really really ugly , oh well

    • well the ugly ones are probably a little better than they think and the hot ones are worse...most are just in the middle I think

  • that's a negative ace.

  • No, I think it's kind of the opposite. They generally over inflate themselves. It depends on the girl in question, though.

  • Without reading the other answers yet, I believe, from my experiences anyway, that most girls think that they are better looking than they actually are.

    make sense? ^^

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    • yeah I'm surprised because I haven't met those girls yet , I met the ones that mope but not the snobs , or maybe I'm a bit naive

    • i understand.

What Girls Said 2

  • I've noticed that a lot of people are better looking than they think, when people start dying their hair and doing w/e they can to change, it's annoying because they always looked fine just the way they were.

    Then again there always those girls, that think they all that and nobody can ever get on their level and were graced to be in the presence...

  • Naw, I think most girls just say they look like a 6 when they know they look like an 8. Usually just for attention, people know when they're attractive or not. I don't think it differs too much, but I can see a girl thinking she's a 7 when she's actually an 8. But it's not gonna be her thinking she's a 5 when she's actually a 9. Plus you can be your own worst critic. I think I would be more attractive, if I had nicer skin.


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