With my nose pierced....what will I lose?

What type of jobs can't I get with a nose stud?

I plan on being a dermatologist and till then I want to get any sort of job...but I want a nose stud.

Some people told me I shouldn't do it...and many places don't tolerate people with piercings and tattoos...

Idk. I knew about the tatts but I didn't know about the nose studs. I really want one. But I don't want to take it out often and leave an awkward hole in my nose.


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  • The " awkward hole" will be relatively small - even if you get the biggest gauge for nose piercings. Also, they have clear studs you can put in to keep the hole open while you work - and it isn't noticable in a proffessional environment - then you can switch back to a stud when your not working.

  • I have one, and I can generally get away with it because I look Indian-ish and they just assume it's cultural. Heaven forbid they discriminate :P

    But as mentioned, some places won't care about a nose piercing. I've had a doctor who had one before. Otherwise remove it (the hole isn't big, it looks like a freckle unless you come up close and examine it) or put in a clear stud.


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