What was your first ever bikini wax like?

For a long time it was fine, then I shaved it once and it grew back so much darker and thicker. So I have booked myself a bikini wax and I am so nervous. I am getting a basic one, so not a brazillian. Where you nervous...did it turn out ok?


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  • My first bikini wax wasn't bad. My first Brazilian was an eye opener. It hurt like hell, but it REALLY depends on who gves it to you.

    Not all waxers are created equal. One lady I used to go to was awesome. She was painless and had the whole area hair free in 15 minutes. I suggest you take some motrin one hour before it's done to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Oh, and remember to breathe.


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  • The answer to this is to go for it and once you see the results you will probably go for the Brazilian (or your guy will beg you to). Trust me. I love going down on women, but stubble down there just makes it raw after a few minutes, and I like to take my time. My ex said it was more of a quick shocking feeling the first time but not super painful, and after that you know what to expect like a piercing so it's not bad. She didn't bruise her first time, but she was often swollen/red for a few hours, but the results were well worth it and it lasted longer than 2 weeks and didn't grow back in stubbly like before. Bottom line -- worth it.


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