How can I uprade my style?

Hello all, I'm a guy struggling with upgrading my style, soon to turn 19.

I have golden blond hair which is on the dark side. Brightens up in Summer however. Medium length.

I have pale eyes. They are a variation of grey and blue with hints of green in it.

I have a pale, slightly yellow skin. I looked bad in a bright red hoody the other day and thought I should try to improve my appearance.

I'm about 6 feet tall, medium build, about 13st.

The reason I'm having trouble with this is that most styles these days is the silly chino and thin cardigan thing. I'd look like Shrek trying to fit into a dress shirt. The current fashion for men is so feminine.

I don't like the whole thin shirts with deep deep V-necks.

I'd like a simple (timeless) masculine style.

I currently wear a lot of hoodies of colors ranging from black to green, blue, red and grey.

Can people suggest how I can improve my look?


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  • First off, this is my style and my opinion, so feel free to not take my advice I'm just letting you know what I think.

    I like to class it up a bit, nice jeans (generally darker, no holes), button down shirts (solid colors are my favorite but patterns work too), simple black belt, nice buckle but nothing super flashy, casual dress shoes. Not what I wear everyday but when I can I'll wear some variation of that. May decide to throw on a tie (usually black skinny) and a vest based on what I'm doing/feeling that day. Lot of my clothes come from Express.

    Really though it's best to dress how you like to. Don't dress for other people, dress because you like how you look in whatever style you wear. I happen to think dressy casual is the way to go, you may dig flip flops and t-shirts. Just find what you like.


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  • Don't try to change yourself deliberately; just walk into a shop, buy whatever you think is nice and wear it.

    • I don't want to change, I just want to make better.

      Changing would be me trying to be slim-fit drop-crotch tappered chinos which cost like ?50. Ridiculous.

    • Try looking at lookbooks...

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