Eyes changing colors?

I have dark brown eyes.

However, after intercourse my eyes turn green.

This is not a subtle change. My eyes from a dark brown, to a light green.

It is almost scary for me to see myself in the mirror for about an hour after.

Has anyone else experienced this?

If so, what color are your eyes normally, and after?


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  • it's impossible for eyes to change pigment. if they appear green, it could be because you're flushed or you're eyes are blood shot (your blood is pumping hard during sex). if you have dark brown eyes, there could be hints of green in them, so if you have pink or red on your face, it will bring out the green pigments more than the brown. this happens to me a lot because I have hazel eyes and I have allergies and if I rub my eyes, they get blood shot and then voila, my eyes start looking more green. this is why makeup companies market pink eye shadow to women with hazel and green eyes because the pink will intensify the green in their eyes. of course lighting has an effect as well. I don't think you're lying, but I also don't think it's simply sex that's causing your eyes to appear a different color, there's something else at play.


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  • I say that this is BS. eyes don't change with mood or sex, they change with age, and under different lights.

  • What a load of crap.

  • After intercourse, that is awesome. Anyway mine will change from pale grey/blue to an almost teal green depending on how much sunlight I get. In winter they are an almost completely different color than summertime. I can't remember but I did look it up and there is a reason for it. I would assume the reason behind your eye change is that you were releasing a certain hormone during or after sex giving you the same affect that I get from sun.

    • That is kind of what I was thinking. Something is being released, obviously. I feel like a weirdo, though. (x

    • Just look at the reactions you are getting. I know what I know and they DO change color or at least shade. I had a hard time believing it myself but then I looked it up and it is real, at least with sunlight exposure.

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