Would I get a lot of crap for dating him?

So, I used to be attracted to the player/really good looking type. Well, I still am.. But I've learned firsthand that they're better to stay away from when it comes to long term relationships. There's one guy a year older than me, and he seems super sweet, and not the usual type that girls would be all over. I actually tried to hook up with him one time when I was drunk and he said no, because I was too wasted. Whereas most guys would have been all over that, He's just a really good guy, even though he does hangout with that 'douche bag' crowd. Only problem for me is, I'm about 5 foot 7, maybe 5'8 and he's about 5 foot 9, maybe 5'10. How can I overcome this?


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  • I don't see an issues that he's tall I mean really that the problem


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