Guys, what's your opinion on jewelry?

Are there any Harry Winston's or Richard Burton's out there any more or is it a dead bread of men?


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  • I'm not sure what you're asking.

    However, I'll give you a Dos Equis answer.

    I don't usually get my girlfriend jewelery, but when I do, I always get her stuff from Tiffany's & Co.

    I'm not cheap enough to get anything less than Tiffany's. I'm not stupid enough to waste money on anything higher than Tiffany's. Plus, I hedge my life against the sexual fetishes of women and jewelery by owning a substantial amount of TIF in the portfolio.

    • Personally I'm a fan Harry, Bulgari, Cartier, etc. Some girls like shoes, I like jewelry. I've noticed people, not even celebs, really give jewelry anymore. If they wear it on the red carpet, they return it when the coach turns back into a pumpkin at midnight. So I was wondering if there are people out there that still enjoy high end jewelry anymore.

      However, I absolutely love your answer with the part about having Tiffany's in your portfolio.

    • I'm sure people like it. Yet, it's one of those things that takes judgement and reason. Just because I have the money to screw an Italian supermodel doesn't mean I should go ahead and do it. Isn't it better to start a family and leave the rest to my children? Is the future of my children supposed to take a back seat to my own personal pleasures and self-esteem needs of my ego?

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