Guys, what's with yoga pants?

I didn't think this belonged in Style, because it's more of a question of what makes them so appealing. Truthfully I love my yoga pants for at the gym or really lazy days, they look a lot better than sweats and go with more outfits. Yet the seem so sexualised by sites like What makes them so sexualised? There are jeans that are just as tight, yet they don't have the same label. Can you guys explain?

Should girls wear yoga pants, or should they be kept for at the gym only?


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  • They smooth and contour your figure and really show off the hips and behind. They don't ne3ed o be sexualised, whatever that means. Theyre naturally sexuallly suggestive.


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  • what it comes down to is that anything, and I mean ANYTHING a girl looks sexy in, will be sexualized.

    yoga pants look hot, they show off a woman's body(if she's hot), they make her look comfortable, the allow flexibility, why wouldn't people like them in a sexual way?

    just like short shorts, skirts and those leggings that look like jeans, yoga pants are sexy, and shall therefore be sexualized.

  • Anything skinthight on busty girls who got nice booties will be sexualized.

    But it's solely about the girl herself not the pants... we can be perfectly happy if those girls would not wear yoga pants.. or any pants, or actually anything - of that matter.


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