How often should a girl look hot?

I've always purposely not made myself look attractive because I don't want guys to think I'm high maintenance or full of myself. Also I hear a pretty girl can be intimidating for some guys. I don't want guys to automatically label me as being one of those stupid pretty girls which happens sometimes. I'm average in the looks department when I don't care to dress in flattering clothes or fix my hair up. But I notice my guy friends act a bit more flirty when I actually put some effort into how I look. I catch guys looking and in the back of my head I keep thinking they're all assuming I'm either slutty or conceited. So I just want to know if you saw a girl each day, how often should she look stylish, attractive with make - up and maybe heels or form fitting clothes?


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  • She should dress in a way that makes her feel comfortable and happy. Take the good with the bad.


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  • A girl should aspire to look hot 0% of the time.

    Hot is the girl you have sex with and never talk to again.

    Cute girls are the ones you start a relationship with.

    If you take your make-up off and look completely different, you have done it wrong.

    • I don't know about that - a lot of guys say their wives are ' hot ' when they marry and I don't think your wife is a hit it and quit it lol. I mean - you want your partner to be pretty attractive to you right? Sometimes that " cute " girl can be pretty hot when she wants to be so. I don't wear very much make up at all - I consider a little mascara and eyeliner a lot of make up ha ha

  • However much makes you feel good about yourself! I had a friend that had guys gawking at her, so she started untucking her shirts N wearing less figure-forming outfits. She was miserable that way, but the gawking continued! Just dress up or down whoever much you want, wear what you think makes you look best N feel best about yourself, N ignore the gawkers. No one's gonna think bad or you or label you cheap or similar just because you work on your appearance more than one or 2 days a week! Hope it helped!

  • All of the time


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