Any guys out there who like eyebrow piercings?

Seems like everyone is a hater of the eyebrow piercing, or piercings in general. I was wondering if there is anyone who likes them? Yes, I'm thinking about getting it done.
I asked guys who like the piercing to answer, not guys who don't like it. I already know that the vast majority of guys on this site hate everything that shows even an ounce of individuality.


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  • Can't stand eyebrow, lip, tongue or any kind of facial pierces. I'm just being honest, looking at a girl's face that is full of metal or even just one piece looks like a major turn-off. If you do it for yourself, fine, just know that most guys don't like it. Make of that what you may.

    • So if I get a piercing I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get a boyfriend as long as I have it in? Ok!

    • I didn't say that. I just said most guys won't like it, and looks/appearance does matter to men. You get it and you narrow your options.

      You know how the vast majority of women hate facial hair that is uneven or patchy? Yea, its like that for most guys only for piercings on the face. It does nothing to add to your looks, except for the few guys out there that are into that sort of thing themselves.

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  • I don't really like piercings. But as some of the guys said, the right girl could pull it off and look attractive. Only thing other than ears I LIKE to see pierced on a girls face is a nose stud. Occasionally I will see an eyebrow piercing that looks fine, but not often. If it's what you like, then get it...who cares what those guys out there think...if they don't like you for it at least you won't get involved with those ones.

  • Depending on the person I personally think piercings can look great. And going by my own taste I'd say eyebrow piercings are awesome.

    I personally only dislike it when someone has too many piercings, and I always hated those nose-rings, they remind me too much about snot.

  • I like them personally.

    But as a warning, don't get a heavy bar type piercing. As gravity will make it slowly move down and stretch your skin. This is very slow and kinda looks odd after a long time.

    My brother got one and always used a heavy bar. That's how I know.

  • The only thing that should be pierced are ears,anything other than that makes a women look unattractive

  • Nope


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  • I <3 them...I a point of my life I wanted to get one...but people kept talking me out of it.

    I don't like tattoos...but I like piercings because they can always be removed...well not the dermal ones at least.

    I am thinking about getting my nose pierced...I actutally have a scar on my nose from an old zit that looks like a nose ring scar...which is actually cool because I can see how it would look with my face altogether...some people asked if I got it pierced but I always say no...I think I want to get it done. Some people say its cool...some people say it is stupid. Many people say piercings and tattoos on this website is stupid. Many jobs don't tolerate them.

    At this point I want a face piercing...but I don't know how society will feel about me having it. what you feel don't be a p**** like me.

    • Lol ok.

    • Sorry I know you asked for guys opinions. But I was going through sort of the same issue so..I don't think my 2 cents hurt your question. Guys still answered regardless.

    • No I'm fine with your answer, I just asked for people who actually liked it to answer not people who don't. Because you and me both know that all the guy son here are haters of piercings/tattoos and anything that isn't the norm.

  • wow I am so glad I did NOT get an eyebrow piercing, just saying... you will have a scar and worst it's on your face, but I guess It all depend on your I even regret my ear piercings, one gets in fected randomly and they never completley heal...I never thought my opinions on body mod would change but they have and my mom was right. just giving my 2 cents, its your body do whatever.

    • It only leaves a noticeable scar if your body rejects it, it rips out, or gets badly infected.

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    • "only guys who like the piercings can answer"

      sorry not attention/acceptance, same thing tho..

    • Hmmm. ok.

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