Can you not really change your body type?

Say a girl is thin but she is built "thick" and large chested. Do you think it is true that she will never be able to change that?

That is like me. I have always been curvy and even if I lose weight I'm still thick and big chested. My hips thighs and ass and boobs always look big on my body no matter how thin I get, even when I used to yo yo and get too skinny like I did in high school.

I finally have accepted my body and I appreciate it now. I do exercise and stuff too.

But do you agree that no matter what I do I'll never have that skinny frame, you know with delicate little legs, small butt and all, that so many girls strive for and I used to long for?


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  • When it comes down to body structure, then yes you can't change that.

    My body structure has always been large, I have broad shoulders, wide hips and a small waist. That is just how I am. I have always had really big boobs and large thighs. That is just how my body is.

    Even when I lost weight like 6 or 7 years ago, my stomach and legs got smaller, so did my arms, but boobs and thighs were still bigger. I maybe only lost a couple inches on my boobs.

    I could very much loose weight and be slimmer, I could. But I will always have this structure. I will always be broad, and I will always have thicker thighs. I will never be small framed and thin. I was made to hold more weight in certain areas.

    Like you I struggled with that. I always felt like I was manly, or not delicate like a girl should be because of the way my body was. But I accepted it over time. Some girls are delicate and smaller some girls are larger and more powerful. It's genetics. Some small people are powerful too. It really depends on genetics.

    It's the same with guys. I know guys who are naturally slim and they are trying to bulk up. But they can't. And then you have my boyfriend, who never works out but looks like he does :P Naturally because he has the same type of frame as me. He is broad and tall.

    My boobs are naturally larger and I like them that way so I would keep them. I know people think I am hideous but I really don't care :P I've come to accept my broadness. It is what it is, it's not unhealthy to have a larger body frame. It's unhealthy to eat poorly and to not exercise.

    Body structure and weight are completely different things. But society has a hard time separating the two. So yes, it is possible to be thin but still be thick, because you can have big boobs, big butt and bigger thighs and may still only wear a size 6 or less.

    I agree too that you probably won't ever be that skinny frame that you want to be. It's not because you are fat or because you eat bad. It's just how your body is.

    There is nothing wrong with you the way you are. Some people have small frames, they don't have much curves and they are perfectly healthy the way they are. Some people are broad, but are still healthy and have a little bit of curves. And in my case, some people are just large and broad and taller. I have a typical manual labour body frame from my family's history as farmers. I like it because it speaks of my heritage, I come from a long line of hard workers :)


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  • to a degree yes. bone structure and genetics are a very large part of it. that being said its never an excuse to go through life fat (not saying you are).

    • Yeah I watch myself so I don't get heavy but I'm not fat at all, I'm a, genuine curvy girl, not a chubby girl who calls herself that to feel better about it

    • Because of my frame type/bone structure, my doctor tells me that my ideal weight is roughly 190 lbs, even though that's still about 20 lbs above what the BMI scale considers the "healthy range" for my height. Dropping down to 170, which is the maximum weight for a 5'10" man to no longer be in the "overweight" range on the BMI scale, would put me into the unhealthily thin category.

  • Yes and no. Yes there are uncontrollable factors. No, you're not stuck with a curvy look.

    You have much more control on how your body looks than you would probably like to believe.

    You can increase or decrease your bodyfat % for one. So this idea that you have a large frame and can not be skinny, with delicate little legs, small butt and all is wrong.

    You can also spot reduce/gain muscle size (not fat) in an area. So you can have big thighs and butt, with tiny little waist. Or you can have little a tiny butt, thin legs and waist.

    Between the two of those, you can basically look anyway you want in terms of figure. And all of it determined by how you workout and eat and not genetics.


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  • you can't change your bone structure, even if you are on a diet, and exercise all the time. I have the same structure, and I'm starting to accept the fact that I will never be as skinny as those models, no matter what I do.

  • well, you can't change your bone structure. Do you have a lot of muscle mass in your legs? My body sounds similar to yours. I can drop a lot of weight, but I don't lose it in my ass or boobs. Just my face, stomach and hips. This mainly has to do with my genetic make up. My ethnic group tend to has a strong core and legs, while maintaining curves. I pretty much gave up on getting my assets to shrink. Nature just did not design me that way ^^

    • Yes my thighs are thick solid and firm but big

  • You can't necessarily change the shape (like going from a pear shape to hourglass or apple to pear) without surgery or perhaps intense training in one particular area nor can you change your frame (small, medium or large) but if you do enough cardio, you should burn fat.

    But there's no such thing as spot reduction and just like some girls gain weight in certain places faster(some in the boobs, face, hips, thighs or midsection), you can't change where you lose weight first or the most.

    So you can, with the help of a trainer. Now, can you walk in and tell him you want to look like Kelly Ripa if you aren't naturally a small frame? No. Can you say you'd like to be thinner all over and they'll work with you until you're happy where you're at? Sure.


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