Pierced ears and earrings

Guys, what earrings do you like your girls to wear, any in particular - studs, sleepers, or hoops?

girls do you wear particular earrings for your guy and have any of you had your ears pierced or pierced again after he asked you


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  • I don't like earrings on men. it's not a turn off, but I just don't think much of them. A boy I know who was/is really cute recently got his ears pierced-just studs-but he looks SO much different now. When he first got them, I thought he looked a bit fruity. Now I've gotten a bit acustomed to them and he doesn't look so fruity, but I still prefer no earrings (or any other piercings) on guys.


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  • If a man were to ask me to put on a certain pair of earrings it would depend on the earrings. I don't like big heavy ones. I usually wear whatever makes me comfortable.

  • I wear earrings I like... hehe I like some of these: link



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