Guys, what things DO you notice about a girl's appearance?

There are all sorts of questions on GAG by girls asking if guys like this or that color nail polish, this or that kind of jewelry, this or that style of makeup. The consensus on most of these answers seems to be something along the lines of "we don't pay attention to that stuff." So now the question becomes, guys, what things about a girl's appearance DO you notice? This can be anything like facial features, posture, skin, hairstyle, clothing, shoes... you name it!


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  • I first look at her face. Does she smile? Does she appear to be happy?

    Is her face overly made-up? I don't care for girls who wear a TON of makeup; some is fine, but I don't like the Barbie or Beauty Pagent look.

    I will look at her hair; I like longer hair, but at least I want to make sure she doesn't have that short, old-lady, "I've given up" haircut.

    Then will look at her clothes and her body. Does she have some style? Is she comfortable? I appreciate a bit of style, but I don't want someone who is totally style over substance. If we're going to be walking all day, don't wear 5" high heels that kill your feet; that kind of thing. Simple is best.

    I really don't care about shoe styles or accessories or any of that; that stuff is mostly "lost in the noise." I will notice her overall body shape, and her clothes in a basic sense, but mostly I'll notice if something is BAD, as in, ill-fitting or totally inappropriate for the situation. If I don't really notice anything, then chances are everything is fine.

    Really, 90% of my attention is going to be focused on her personality and attitude, and most of the remaining 10% will be looking at her appearance to see what it says ABOUT her personality and attitude.

    On one hand, I (and most men) appreciate all the work girls do to look good for us, but often it's overdone, and sometimes WAY overdone, when most guys would prefer a simpler look. We aren't talking about special events, when it's natural to "dress up" some, we're talking day-to-day.

    To me, a girl in a simple cotton sun dress is hotter than any cocktail dress or evening gown.


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  • #1 Face. Unless one is scantly dressed.

    #2 Perportions. the raitio of your body. We have all seen people with an atractive torso and a lower body that just doesn't match or vice versa.

    #3 Eyes, hair, butt, shoes, clothes, peircings. Basicly after the first 2 checks. We are ether checking everything or nothing.

  • dimples! so cute and sexy. face too. and titts/ass. I also notice hair.

  • Eyes, face, body (fat or skinny).


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