Am I weird?

so, I was masturbating, and I got off and it felt the same as before, but a few seconds afterwards, I felt as if I' peed my pants. I ran to the bathroom and my underwear was completely soaked and it even soaked through my pants. I didn't really need to go to the bathroom or anything and this has never happened before. I smelled it and it smelled a little like urine, but it wasn't? I dunno, I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. if anyone has any idea, that would help!


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  • It might have just been pee. Some girls pee when they orgasm or masturbate.

    • Yeah, but I've masturbated for a while and that's never ever happened before..oh well, thanks.

    • It could also be that this one time you masturbated your bladder was kind of full.

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  • You cummed on yourself! Girls can do that and its normal but you can control it because its basically like you peed on yourself!


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  • When I orgasm from masturbating it like opens a damn flood gate, quite messy, gets "water" all over. It looks like water, completely clear and there is a lot of it. If I am kneeling and fingering myself and it pours down my hand ends up soaked. It's only when I masturbate though, when I orgasm from sex this doesn't happen.

    • Damn I am sorry, but that statement was sexy, picturing you kneeling and gushing really gave me a hard-on.

  • It could be a combination of the two, come and pee.

    If you look at some porn videos there are girls who "squirt". Which is basically just that, a combination of pee and cum.

    lol. I think you just enjoyed yourself a little too much! lmfao!