What should go in a purse?

okay I'm 17 and never really used a purse. I didn't like how you had to carry it around when I wanted to do more active things ya know. but me and twin are gonna try and do it but we really have no idea what should go in it.



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  • when I was like 13 I thought about this So this is what I put in my purse. Money high bills on the out side if you have $40 get 20 one dollar bills and a $20 bill put it on the outside but if you have a wallet get all one dollar bills and put them inside makes it look like you're banking. Get tampons 3 or 4 even if you don't use them put them in your purse. If you don't have a car get your house key and put a lot of key chains on it. to look important of course. Go to the DMV office and get some kind of official ID. That looks like a drivers license so every one can be like OMG she so cool lol. get 3 packs of gum just to have more stuff.

    lol but you are probably to old for this soooooo...

    just put stuff in it you need, maybe snack, gum, pads, tampons, id, money, wallet.


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  • haha anything you want! I typically keep my cell phone, wallet, gum, a small comb, some lipgloss and things to touch up my make up... whatever you think you need to get you through the day

  • It really depends on the person and where you are planning on going - some people just need more things than others.

    For example, I literally just need my wallet and my cellphone. I don't have a car and so I don't even need keys. If I'm going to a party or on a date, then I'll bring a lipstick too. If I think I'm getting a cold, then I'll bring a pack of kleenex. If it's winter, then I'll bring a small handcream. If I'm going to the doctor's, then I'll bring a book just in case.

  • Phone.





    Make-up bag.


    Bottle of water.

    Sketch pad/note book.




    ... I think that's everything I usually have in mine.


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