How do I prevent from my hair color fading so fast?

I recently colored my hair black. I was born with black hair that lightened to dark brown. Anyway, I noticed it fades really quick. It fades about 4 weeks after I get it done. I wash my hair with color last shampoo it's salon brand and I let my hair air dry I don't straighten or anything. The most I do is curl it. I know your supposed to get it done every 4-6 weeks but sometimes I don't have the money and have to push it to 7 weeks or even 8 weeks. Hence why I want to keep it from looking too faded and dull. Help!


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  • If you're using a good quality dye, shampoo and conditioner then you can't really do much else other than what you're already doing (not using heat as much as you can and protecting it from the sun etc). Colour will fade and it will just need a touch up when it looks pretty faded :)


  • *Do not wash your hair as often as you normally do. Wear a shower cap when bathing. And use dry shampoo or baby powder to soak up excess oil.

    *When you must wash, wash with Garnier Fructis color treated hair shampoo and conditioner- they come in red bottles. I say use this brand simply because it has many nutrients added in and even has a little sun protection in the mix.

    *Wear a hat/scarf/hoodie/parasol/umbrella when under the sun. The sun WILL fade your hair color.

    *Always use an SPF on your hair before leaving the house. Garnier Fructis also sells frizz cremes and shine serums with added SPF for color fade out.

    *When roots start to show, try a black "root touch-up creme" instead of a full on hair dye. Clairol has one at the drugstore for around six bucks, I think.

    Hope this info helps. ?


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