Quick fix for my constricting groin...?

I have never gone shopping for jeans for myself, and rarely bother buying a new pack of underwear. When I do buy them, I just get what I've had on hand, which is a loose-fitting boxer-brief made by Hanes with a "comfort soft" waistband.

Simply put, this isn't working. All throughout the day I'll find myself having to pick the underwear from around my groin to get it back to it's default setting.

Now, is this my jeans? I have an oddly shaped combination of waist and thighs that I assume typical jeans don't cater to.The thing is, I don't really have a problem with most of my jeans, just the underwear underneath them. Would loosening the waist fix it?

So is it the style of underwear? I could care less what style I'm wearing (aside from plain ol briefs), so any suggestions would be welcomed. I'm just sick of the adjustments I have to make to stay comfortable during the day.
Update- this is an embarrassing question. Nuff said haha.


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  • Try wearing tighter underwear. Less wiggle room so it won't ride up as much. Tighty whities might be your best option. Hope this helps.

    • thats the first time or second time I've seen a girl reccommend tighty whitites.. lol

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  • if its riding up then ur wearing too big of underwear.. try one size down so there's less fabic to move


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  • Use boxers...or just go conan.

    • From what I've read, boxers ride up more though?

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