If your partner had an alternative style of dress, would comments bother you?

My boyfriend says that he enjoys the way I look, the way I style myself. But I worry with the amount of negative attention that I get, that he'll be bothered or embarrassed, being around me. The comments don't really bother me so much anymore, because telling me that it isn't Halloween yet, that I should go back to the circus or calling me a witch, really isn't original. I'm worried that my boyfriend may not be able to handle it, because he already gets very upset when I tell him what people have said. Can I reassure him somehow?


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  • LOL, my ex-girlfriend used to get that! 'It isn't Halloween yet!'. She didn't even dress that alternative, she just wore dark clothes. F***ing nutters.

    Anyway, when we were out, I was like, a cross-dresser at the time, to the point of like, unless you spoke to me, you'd have thought I was a girl. So, people used to see us passing, and be like, 'LOOK! TWO LESBIANS!' and go nuts, 'cos like, clearly that's what you do, when you see lesbians.

    It sort of annoyed her, and she was a bit embarrassed, but I loved it, ahaha. I'd always pull her around, wink at them and kiss her, and they'd CHEER. Might as well, right? Then, as well as that, I'd get a lot of sh*t, as I said, cross-dresser. And a lot of people would say, 'Are you a boy or a girl?'. Like, EVERYONE said this. And, I believe most of them were genuinely asking, too. I obliged them with an answer.

    She was always really pissed off about it, but it wasn't anything to do with the fact that I dressed that way, merely that people would do that to someone, someone she loved, that got to her. So, answering for her, the comments did bother her, but merely the fact that people would say them, not that she had to hear them every time she went out.

    As for me, uh- I'm never in a position to criticise, hahaha.


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  • I find it hard to believe he would be dating you if he didn't like the way you look.

    • Ah. It's nothing to do with him not liking that, it's that I'm worried that the comments will be too much for him to handle.

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  • Dressing alternatively is about being expressive and unique, so if people are forcibly trying to drag you back into the fold, at least you know that you’re being you and doing a damn good job of it. I’m sure your boyfriend understands this; I doubt he needs any reassurance if he really likes the way you look.


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