Who knows anything about nose piercings? Why does my nose ring hurts to take out?

I got my nose pierced on February 4 the only times it has come out is while I was showering/ bathing and washing my face and I accidentally rip it out last time was probably 2 and a half weeks ago. I've been trying to take it out to clean it but it hurt so bad when I try so I leave it in and clean it. I don't have any kind of infection looking thing around my nose inside or out. But my nose was pierced with a 16 gauge when I got it done. Should I get a smaller gauge so it doesn't hurt?

also it hurts to put back in
i have a straight ring too idont know if that means anything


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  • You need to give it time to heal, I've got both sides of my nose pierced and I've had it for a few years now and it's absolutely fine. Let it heal, clean it whilst its in and once it has healed then you can take it out to change it etc.

    Hope this helps :)


    • Thanks but I haven't taken it out yet intenionally

    • Thank you for BA :)

      I never took mine out intentionally but I did get it caught a few times especially when I just had it done and I wasn't used to having it there yet. I kept getting it caught in bed when I was asleep, don't ask me how lol. Use tea tree oil it helps :) and try to clean it as thoroughly as you can without hurting yourself. Also try rotating it so it helps it heal.


    • no problem :)

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  • Never had a nose piercing. I had a few piercings, and I did not take them in and out while healing - they were rings, and I'd rotate,clean, disinfect, rotate, repeat. I'm not sure its actually good to be taking them out while its still healing.


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  • I think you should get the cork screw nose ring. I had that some problem when I had the straight one, so I just got a really nice nose ring and kept in. Keep it in till it fully heals, then switch, I have yet to take out this nose ring I got over the summer. Because I think it will hurt, I've had it for almost 2 years now. Either way just let that sucker heal I recommend the cork screw tho so it doesn't always come out.

    • it doesn't always come out its when it gets caught on the towel

    • i had that same problem, but when I got the cork screw nose ring it doesn't happen anymore also I got a bigger nose ring, the stud is bigger than the other one so it doesn't get caught on the towel

  • You are taking it out way too early, you clean it with it in so it heals right, the only reason I see to take it out is for the reason I had to take mine out because mine swelled too much and was starting to swallow the ring itself, as for the ring you should have been pierced and had the piercer put a corkscrew ring in or a hoop for optimum healing

    • He said my nose was to small for anything more than a stright stud

    • But once it heals you can put and L shaped stud in and it fit and stay in better

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