What are some good characteristics?....

That you look for in a Guy or Girl

Good and Bad ones that you try to avoid.


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  • Some good ones I look for in a guy is honesty, sweet, smart, not lazy, doesn't judge a book by it's cover, sincerity, the ability to accept when your wrong, someone who is willing to do the right thing, loyalty, someone who has a good attitude, and someone with human values

    Some bad ones is jealousy, procrastinate (someone who says "Yeah I'll do that tomorrow" but never does), argumentative, bad temper, irresponsible, closed minded, and someone who's not willing to forgive because everybody's not perfect and mastakes are apart of life


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  • The ability to use apostrophes, for one thing.

    Intelligence and education (two different things, mind you), beauty inside and out, good manners, etc.

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