Guys, do you notice if you have long eye contact with a girl?

Guys, do you notice if you have long eye contact with a girl? Or not really? What about if you make eye contact with a girl and then she looks away, but looks back and you meet eyes again?

Notice this stuff? What does it make you think?


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  • yes for sure I notice it , I love it , eye contact is really fun when you look back and she's staring at you and the awkward moments where you try and look into her eyes before one of you wimps out .

    • Honestly, I hate it because I feel so nervous and I can't look them straight in the eye.

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    • Ok so eye contact is not a good indicaiton of whether or not a guy is into me? ugh.....guys can be really confusing....

    • No it is really it is I just didn't want to offend anyone I really only do it to attractive girls that I think are pretty ,a girl with nice eyes are the best thing in the world for me, they are like a window to that persons thoughts ans soul

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  • Of course we notice this stuff! If she looks away, then looks right back and we make eye contact again, like you described, I would think she is at least a little interested in me.


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  • I have noticed this in a few guys, they like to lie opposite you or stand looking at you and just stare into your eyes. For no reason..I love it when they do that.

    Shows they have more interest in you and feels as if his eyes are looking deeper into you. Seeing past the outside image and seeing the real you.

  • I don't know about you but I have a problem looking at the guy I likes eyes because I feel like they will reveal everything.