How can I get my hair to not be so frizzy?

I am growing my hair out and I have noticed that the longer it gets, the more my problem with frizz grows. I work in a pretty classy restaurant and I am want my hair to look nice for work, but I just end up fretting over it and it doesn't look any better. What can I do to help it?


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  • w/o knowing what type of hair you have, I'd say style your hair while its wet. during your shower, detangle it and add a good leave in conditioner, then squeeze the excess water from your hair then add gel & serum or pomade. then dry that gently with a microfiber towel or cotton shirt. then put your hair up or style it as normal

    • My hair is really curly naturally.

      I do use leave-in conditioner, but it doesn't seem to help with the frizz.

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    • Like what kind fo oil?

    • argan oil, olive oil, (the kind of oil advertised for hot oil treatments work well too), coconut oil

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  • get a keratin treatment

  • -Make sure you use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners (I use BioSilk shampoo/conditioner and Redken Extreme Damage conditioner and leave that on for 5 minutes in the shower)

    -Make sure you drink plenty of water, it makes your hair healthier

    -Use frizz products (I use Nexus Frizz Lotion and Leave-In Conditioner and Moisture Spray...pricey but worth it)


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