Dress shirts, tuck in or over the pants?

Which looks better when the shirt is tucked in or over the pants?

Or do you tuck it in with dress pants but over the pants when wearing jeans?


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  • Depends on where you're going. Here are some sanarios...

    If you are wearing a jacket over a dress shirt then always tuck it in. It looks sloppy if layers are showing.

    If you are going to somewhere professional, buisness like, or serious, then tuck it in because it gives off that sharp, sleek, and clean look.

    If it's just a date or something fun with friends then don't tuck it in. Not tucking it in is giving off a relaxed and fun look.

    I personally don't like when guys tuck in their shirts unless needed... but that's just me. Like I said, it depends on the occasion. Oh and in case you're wondering, wearing a tie could look good either way. Try a few different looks in the mirror and see which ones you like best :)


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  • Always tuck in with dress shirts, no matter if it's dress pants or jeans that you're pairing it with. Having a dress shirt over your pants looks sloppy and reminds me of someone having gone to the bathroom and forgetting to tuck in his shirt again.

    (if the shirts not a dressy, work shirt though you can wear it over the pants. As long as itts not a formal, dressy shirt)


What Guys Said 1

  • Tucked in with dress pants, untucked with jeans.


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