The essential 'turning into a man' products...?

Guess it's time I got down to business and stopped trying to cut corners in my appearance.

Examples you've used or preferences for any of the following would be great:

A) I have only been using an acne cleanser that's name brand and a moisturizer afterward. It doesn't make me break out, but you can always improve your skin quality. After extensive research tonight, I'm going to be switching to more natural-based cleansers, maybe even buying a toner, and then sticking to my current moisturizer (Every Man Jack).

B) Everyday shoes under 50$ that aren't just 'tennis shoes'. Let's be honest, everyone needs to ditch the Nike's sometime.

C) I already have pretty thick legs, and I've seen that having a proportionate waist:shoulders ratio is looked favorably upon. Is targeting my chest/shoulders the best area to start targeting?

D) Last but not least with a bit of an abrupt switch but controlling the sweating mass that my by the end of the day would be nice. Do you recommend tighter/looser boxers/briefs? Powders, sprays, etc? When my transformation is complete, I'd like to have a presentable package per se.


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  • a) Good move. And when it comes to facial care, choose a good after shave and cologne. I'd recommend Hugo Boss. A little goes a long way. Only desperate cheap teens use something like Axe / Lynx.

    b) You should have several pairs, and different colors and styles, but you can take time building that collection. Get some shoe polish and a brush, and learn how to use them. You have to take care of shoes in a way that you never had to take care of trainers/tennis shoes. Otherwise the leather will turn to sh*t and you won't get the usage out of them that their price would indicate.

    d) A little talcum powder after the shower is fine. The choice is yours, really. Good quality cotton briefs are absorbant of sweat, but if you're active as in running or at the gym, they can cause welts in some people. Boxers give you more room, and so there's the possibility of air-drying the boys, but that depends on the trousers you wear. Good slacks go well with boxers, as everything has a bit of room to move. Tight jeans would go better with briefs, but I'd start to wean off jeans in all but the most casual settings.

    You didn't mention it, but learn to manscape your nether regions. It's a winner, and easy to do. Once a month should be fine.

    And start looking at suits, if you really want to look smart and have the body to wear one well.

    • Wow very detailed. Thanks a lot!

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  • A) Switch to more organic face products stuff. Like for acne wash or topical stuff use stuff that has Tea Tree oil in it and Witch hazel. Great antiseptics. For moisturizer use stuff that has jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, olive oil. Don't forget to moisturize rest of body too no homo.

    B) Well you could get some shoes that are more classy than street style. Kind of like those slip ons, but if you dress nice already don't get anything else. Brown/tan/beige/light grey kind of shoes are nice. But it depends on each person.

    C) For body structure, balanced is the best. Each limb and muscle fiber needs equal loving as much as the others. Most people neglect back muscles and legs. Its good to work everything. Each muscle helps the other improve.

    D) Aw man, I wouldn't know, my balls never stink that bad

    • Haha it's not the stink, it's just the uncomfortability of sweating and sticking.

  • I don't know if you've hit the dress shoe world, but you cannot get decent dress shoes for 50.

    • Nah I haven't even looked, I was just kinda estimating/hoping I guess.

  • "men" don't waste time on that sh*t

    • I agree, but I'm not going to judge him and just answer the question best I can

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