Perfect looks lead to more success after skills, do you think so?

I so was reading the Forbes about this issue

basically , we don't even realize but we judge people on the base of looks ;(
I'm feeling sorry for women in work place who get judged
are you easy on the eye or hard and nasty?


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  • yes. for example...a person with a BA that is not good looking verse a person with Associates that is very good looking same qualifications...the person with associates has a far better chance.

    • I heard that in collage selections when send your picture then looks count, I look at my community collage and people are less good looking comparing the big U.

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    • I'm not going look that close lol

    • um you go to profile page and click on pic and POW haha

  • Absolutely true. Physical traits, (mostly height), are the currency of the success market. The CEO's and fat-cats who run the successful corps are just taller versions of the people they manage. Height is the number one asset you can physically blessed with.

    • so bill gates got lucky

    • Yes. There are always outliers and anomalies, but the data never suggests an absolute; just a trend with a certain predictable / confidence interval.

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